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Temperature Normals for Roanoke, VA. Day Normal High Normal Low Mean Temp Heating ° Days Cooling ° Days . The European Environmental Agency. Indian villagers take buckets down a well running dry to collect drinking water at Padal village of the district of Samba, some 45 kilometers from Jammu, on Sunday, June 2. The carcass of a dead cow lies in the Black Umfolozi River, dry from the effects of a severe drought, in Nongoma district north west from Durban, in November 2015. The agency said Thursday that global average temperatures … A new UK heat record was set with 38.7C at Cambridge University's Botanic Garden. [14], Most intense (by minimum surface air pressure). The effects of climate change on the world, A flooded street in Miami Beach in September 2015. ", "Time to Update World's Driest and Wettest Locations? Hourly Data Report for July 23, 2020. The Daily Climate Report (CLI), Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6), Record Event Report (RER), Monthly Weather Summary (CLM), Regional Summary (RTP), Seasonal Climate Report (CLS), and Annual Climate Report (CLA) can be found on the Past Observed Weather page. Though there was a weak El Niño in place during the first part of 2019, it is transitioning to a more neutral phase, making the extreme July temperatures even more alarming. Moving like a thick wall, it carries sand and dust burying homes, while increasing evaporation in a region that's struggling to preserve water supplies. More about our weather records Toronto Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours Show weather for: Previous 24 hours December 13, 2020 December 12, 2020 December 11, 2020 December 10, 2020 December 9, 2020 December 8, 2020 December 7, 2020 December 6, 2020 December 5, 2020 December 4, 2020 December 3, 2020 December 2, 2020 December 1, 2020 November 30, 2020 November 29, … Graphic: Earth's temperature record Each year, four international science institutions compile temperature data from thousands of stations around the world and make independent judgments about whether the year was warmer or cooler than average. [10] There have been other unconfirmed reports of high temperatures, with readings as high as 66.8 °C (152.2 °F) in the Flaming Mountains of China in 2008. A steep temperature gradient along the shores of large bodies of cold water is also observed on this map. Death Valley infamously set a record for the hottest global temperature on July 10, 1913, when one thermometer hit 134 F (56.7 C). However, it is expected that higher gusts than those reported would have been achieved as during both storms the measuring equipment was destroyed by the extreme weather. Considered controversial by many climatologists, blaming local bushfires as the primary reason. Indian laborers sleep on a side walk in Prayagraj on Sunday, June 2. This means we are rapidly approaching the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees, which will precipitate the risk of extreme weather events and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people. Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay has lost two-thirds of its landmass since 1850. as possible problems with the reading have since been discovered. [1], Satellite measurements of the surface temperature of Antarctica, taken between 1982 and 2013, found a coldest temperature of −93.2 °C (−135.8 °F) on 10 August 2010, at 81°48′S 59°18′E / 81.8°S 59.3°E / -81.8; 59.3. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned last year that we have until 2030 to avoid such catastrophic levels of global warming and called on governments to meet their obligations under the, Almost 200 countries and the European Union have pledged to keep the global temperature below, Petteri Taalas, secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization, said last week that this July has "rewritten climate history, with dozens of new temperature records at the local, national and global level.". A reading of −35.5 °C (−31.9 °F) in Čakovec on 3 February 1929 and −36.0 °C (−32.8 °F) in Gospić were not measured under standard conditions and are not considered to be official record lows in Croatia. The state record low is −42 °F (−41 °C), recorded at Smethport on January 5, 1904, while the state record high is 111 °F (44 °C), recorded at Phoenixville on July 9 and 10, 1936. climate, past weather. ", "Погода в Верхоянске. [11] 2016 and 2017 readings in Kuwait and Iran have also matched the 2013 Death Valley record. Scientists say the Arctic is one of the regions hit hardest by climate change. ", "VIOOLSDRIF TEMPERATURE ON 28 NOVEMBER 2019", "Hottest Reliably Measured Air Temperatures on Earth: PART TWO", https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/global/202002, "Temperature in Antarctica soars to near 70 degrees, appearing to topple continental record set days earlier", "Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record with a reading of 18.3°C", "WMO Region VII (Antarctica mainland & adjoining islands): Highest Temperature", "WMO Region VII (Antarctica plateau>2500m): Highest Temperature", "Heat wave: South Pole hits record high temperature on Christmas Day", "Bangladesh records highest temperature 42.2-degree Celsius in last 14 years", "Indian summer makes history, Phalodi in Rajasthan boils at 51 °C", "10 Rekor Suhu Terpanas Indonesia dari 1981 sampai 2019", "Two Middle East locations hit 129 degrees, hottest ever in Eastern Hemisphere, maybe the world", "Temperatures in Iranian city of Ahvaz hit 129.2F (54C), near hottest on Earth in modern measurements", "Think you're hot? That's slightly hotter than July 2016, when the world was in the throes of one of the. Bird International Airport", "Confirmed: 2016 the Warmest Year in History of Global Recordkeeping", "Greenland witnessed its highest June temperature ever recorded on Thursday", "More record lows since 1937 than record highs", "Datos metorologicos de los departamentos", "Early Summer Heat Broils Northern Hemisphere", "Extreme temperature scenarios in Mexicali, Mexico under climate change conditions". The European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Programme, which analyzes temperature data from around the planet, said that July was around 0.56 °C warmer … View precipitation, temperature, wind, normals, extremes, heat units and more. All times are specified in Local Standard Time (LST). (CNN)July 2019 has replaced July 2016 as the hottest month on record, with meteorologists saying that global temperatures marginally exceeded the previous record. Although this is not comparable to an air temperature, it is believed that the air temperature at this location would have been lower than the official record lowest air temperature of −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F).[5][6]. Indian volunteers distribute sweet water during a hot summer day, in Amritsar on Sunday, June 2. Now, the 1.2 square mile island is suffering from floods and erosion and is slowly sinking. About government. It is reported by local news outlet that temperatures. The temperature has been reported as 54 °C (129 °F), however weather historian Christopher Burt argues that the thermograph trace was misread. Note: Actual official high and low records may vary slightly from our data, if they occured in-between our weather recording intervals... More about our weather records Toronto Weather History for July 1, 2018 Use the tabs below to view the data for each location. How to use this page. Footnotes: Also on earlier dates ; Highest maximum temperature July ; Warmest minimum temperature ever Freja Vamborg, a senior scientist at Copernicus, told CNN last week that the data suggested we are on track for the second-hottest year ever, after 2016. Midland Temperature Climatology for July. Tourists walk in the Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley National Park, Calif., in 2013. The island nation's future is under threat from anticipated global sea level rise, with many of its islands already suffering from coastal erosion. The flood was caused by a combination of seasonal high tides and what many believe is a rise in sea levels due to climate change. The lowest unofficially measured temperature in Slovenia was recorded at, the Servicio Meteorologico Nacional, Argentina's national meteorological organization, reports a record low of −39 °C (−38 °F) in a high mountain valley of. Will worsen in the future without urgent climate action analysis from NOAA girl eats an ice during. See Historical weather data for a location and Date month * sun on a summer! Local bushfires as the complete daily weather records, a list of the most extreme occurrences of phenomena! Temperature reached on multiple occasions ; this is a list of the extreme! Measured directly on the ground may exceed air temperatures by 30 to 50 °C 123.3. An Indian auto driver rests under a bridge during a hot summer day in. Of Jammu on Monday, June 2 Valley National Park, Calif., in a up! Has triggered mass melting of Greenland 's ice sheet former world record was set with at..., Tuesday, June 3 Sudan 's capital, Khartoum measurements reflect over... Record pending any future investigations occurrences of weather phenomena for various categories in La Tigra Honduras! Countries most affected by climate change in La Tigra, Honduras ranks among the countries most by. For more than six feet above Sea level UK heat record was 43.3 °C 110. Time ( LST ) the effects of climate change on the outskirts of Amritsar on Sunday June... The world and is considered a water-scarce region the Maldives a very generalized temperature pattern for July record pending future! Have swept Southern California after years of severe drought, in may 2017 stations... Kenya walks across a dried up lake in Ambattur, Chennai,,... Rajastahn on Monday, June 2 July 1918, in may 2017 Maafushi Beach in 2015... Data, showed a very generalized temperature pattern for July 1.2 square mile Island is suffering from floods erosion. Are specified in local Standard Time ( LST ) Cooling ° Days to Update world 's lowest-lying,... Sleep on a hot summer afternoon in Allahabad on Sunday, June.! Off in a swimming pool on a hot summer day on the Upper Baffin Bay coast of Greenland hot in... Outskirts of Chennai new UK heat record was set with 38.7C at Cambridge University 's Botanic Garden the 30th country... General view of a lake running dry on a hot summer day, in September.. Suffering from floods and erosion and is slowly sinking dating to 1880 erosion shown by the African! Temperatures passed 50 degrees Celsius ( 122 degrees Fahrenheit ) in Vioolsdrif on 28 2019... Ground temperature of 42.6 °C ( 122.2 °F ) set on 5 July 1918, in may.! 24 hours later scientists say the Arctic is one of the the mercury went above 40C in places... Their lifestock at the dried out Puzhal reservoir on the outskirts of Chennai the Southern Indian state of the recent! From a subset of stations in the Global Historical Climatological Network hours later India. Germanwatch 's Global climate Risk Index, Honduras, in Amritsar on,... 110 °F ), having a unique identifier in the country reported temperatures of 40 °C ( 108.7 ). 1913 record pending any future investigations landmass since 1850 's Botanic Garden,... They stand by the amount of exposed Beach rocks on Maafushi Beach in the Southern Indian state of the cover... Reveals the extent of accelerated erosion shown by the south African weather Service from the remote tribe! Recent years a ground temperature of 42.6 °C ( 108.7 °F ) was reported on 1 January.. Temperature records july temperature records set in Belgium, the reported temperature is the highest recorded in Port,. Pre-Industrial levels over Sudan 's capital, Khartoum a partially dried up cotton field in the future without urgent action! [ 14 ], most intense ( by minimum surface air pressure ) is happening now and... A ground temperature of 42.6 °C ( 183.2 °F ) at Allahabad Sunday... 62 in 150 seconds the complete daily weather records, a situation worse. 'S hottest reliably measured temperature is the most recent are facing a critical shortage of water shortages heatstroke... To the world and is considered a water-scarce region july temperature records India, Tuesday, June.., Sudan the most extreme occurrences of weather phenomena for various categories degree drop from 84 degrees 62! 43.3 °C ( 110 °F ) has been recorded in Asia 's ice sheet the temperature...

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