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He attracted crowds, followers, and disciples. Because we’re always looking for a way to do what? And we haven’t begun to look at the issue here in the same way. And I think everyone has been very helpful. And so, I want us to take, kind of, a moment to reflect on his words in Matthew 25. And I’m sure there’s all sorts of invisible walls in my 99.9% white church that I don’t even see, but I just want to be aware of not putting them up unnecessarily. But it depends on if you want a unity by lowest common denominator or if you want a full unity. Christian Resources. A final example from Matthew comes when Jesus speaks of the “end of the age.”  He concludes this teaching with an account of the great separation between those deemed to be just and those deemed to be unjust.  The decisive factor in this life or death expression of justice turns out to be acts of generosity and compassion:  “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and your welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me” (25:35-36).  Such acts embody genuine justice and echo the words of Jesus about his own vocation in Luke four: freedom for the oppressed, sight to the blind, good news to the poor. [This is chapter six in a book on restorative justice. I think the harder thing is the heart level motivation, Daryl, that you point to, and what drives us to action. Right? Well, obviously, you have a moral obligation to help. Here’s the complexification, which, I don’t know if we’ll figure out or these brothers. But, this is an ethical concern at some level, people are involved, hearts and souls are being affected here. The Gospel Coalition supports the church by providing resources that are trusted and timely, winsome and wise, and centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Though the broader secular culture often talks about justice in terms of politics and social policy, Jesus talks about addressing the hurts of victims and the marginalized as an expression of love. Jesus calls his followers to a justice that surpasses that of the Pharisees (5:20).  This follows a strong affirmation of Torah.  His debate with the Pharisees concerns what constitutes the key elements of Torah.  Jesus sees himself in continuity with Moses.  His ministry of justice embodies the message of Torah—a message we will later hear summarized as love of God and neighbor.  The ministry of justice centers on love of neighbor. Also, we have our dear brother Kevin DeYoung. Outside of their family. But we cared for them and loved them. Jesus and Justice: The Heart of (re)Conciliation. Reading the Bible in Light of the Lamb’s War, Social Criticism in the Book of Revelation, Comforting the Afflicted; Afflicting the Comfortable [Revelation 3:7-22], REVELATION SERMONS (Sept. 2011—Nov. Holmes: Nothing. “You’re talking about justice, you’re all going to be, you know, leftist Marxists and…” No, we don’t have to go off of that cliff. Jesus claimed to … But my response generally is a sort of reticence because the mission creep happens very, very quickly and the one thing that the church, uniquely, is called to do and no one else will do except for the church is to preach Christ and to plant healthy churches. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And so, I think like… so with our brother to have kind of fell two thieves on this on the road, I think, is Jesus not saying to us that this circumstance morally stipulates a response? Hothouse Flowers—SONGS FROM THE RAIN, 81. And let me just push this forward here, if I could because, I think we want as much as we can here today, is to sit at Jesus’ feet. Crash Test Dummies—THE GHOSTS THAT HAUNT ME, 98. It was not seen as somehow unbiblical that a nation would have borders, and that the nation would welcome in certain persons and certain numbers. I don’t know if they agree with this answer or not. I think the second thing is, man, folks in our church have got to stop taking cues from the culture and be led by the Spirit. Pingback: Mépris des femmes dans certaines Églises subsahariennes | Arcre, Pingback: Are Africa's 'men of God' preserving injustices against women? The poor, the sick, the lame. I don’t know how I’m going to overturn Roe v. Wade. But at the same time, you’ll still find that those individuals end up crossing paths. Is this right?” Amen. Stay … See how God is moving against injustice and share the good news. There was no room available—anywhere. It might open the door for the Gospel, and it would adorn the Gospel in our community.” All those things are good. Paul labors, he anticipates questions. Matthew Henry even questions, kind of, how James is even defining justified because, Matthew Henry would say, “Well, Paul is talking about justification before God.” And he’s saying, “Paul is, rightly so, saying that before God, we are justified by faith alone.”. And what are the missional implications of seeing your life as an exile, as opposed to being at home in the states. A restored, humbler people (Neh 12:27-43; 13:15-22), Not a “good war”: Thoughts on World War II, Our confession as Mennonites of Jesus as Lord, 07. That’s why we’re so scandalous, we get that. So, let me just throw it out for you guys to consider. And then you look into the church and then we go outside of the church to look at all these other issues. Something’s wrong with your heart. I’m excited to learn from all of them. Anchoring God’s community amid an empire (Ezra 6:13-22; 8:21-23; 8:24-30), 5. They had come to do some study, and were here on a graduate, and they were supposed to go back after this graduate study and go two years back to Guatemala, but the government never insisted on that. On the other side of the social justice debate are those who argue that social justice issues are at the center of the Gospel, and that as we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, we see Him engaged in social justice actions at every turn. Cook: One of the interesting things about the phrase, both in Leviticus 19 and there, in Luke 10, and what does it mean to love your neighbor. Kevin is the Senior Pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. I really wish we had more time to take that on because that is a very interesting question. Full stop. Who cares? To justify ourselves. To his right, he speaks these words of righteous affirmation, these words of entrance. I think it’s very helpful. In announcing the Jubilee, he was threatening the wealth of the most powerful people in his country. Are we looking for reasons and excuses to turn our back and look in the opposite direction? How much of a responsibility do you guys feel there’s a need to step up and say, “You know what? [inaudible] in, moved to America where there’s been a lot of forces that have really ghettoized the disadvantaged. To see the rest of the book and other essays on restorative justice go to “Restorative Justice.”]. Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley | June 24, … In the midst of these healings, the Pharisees challenge Jesus directly on our point.  They confront Jesus’ followers.  “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”  Jesus hears this and responds: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.”  Then he makes a direct link with the message of the prophets, quoting Hosea 6:6—“Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’  For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners” (Matthew 9:11-13).  The justice of God (God’s response to wrong-doing) has to do with the logic of mercy, not the logic of retribution that requires violence to balance the moral scales. And so, we want to start our conversation with Jesus. I got questions. What does remain in the Gospels is Jesus’ commitment to care for the disenfranchised. (9.10.06), (05) This is God’s World: So What? Pray With Us. I’m saying . I said, “It would make perfect sense for us to go in there and say, ‘Hey, can we do some tutoring?’ It would be a good thing for its students. I think most Christians could agree, if a law is not an unjust law, it shouldn’t be broken. Copyright © 2020 The Gospel Coalition, INC. All Rights Reserved. So, I sometimes am equal opportunity offender and I’ve refused to sign statements. Pingback: 6. Jesus conveys clearly the message that the leaders of the rebellious human structures do not serve God’s justice after all. And if you’re not familiar with the “Leaf by Niggle,” then you should be familiar with it, a short story about J. R. R. Tolkien. There is so much that we do. I wish we had more time for that, as to what does it really mean to be a Christian in our society and culture. So that, when we’re discipling our undocumented friends and if the unfortunate event of deportation happens, have we discipled our friends to take a missional witness back to the country where they’re mandated to go, where they don’t know, where they don’t belong. In Jesus and Justice, Heltzel describes the origins and subsequent development of the evangelical movement in America. some Ole Miss fans. We had, in my last church a wonderful family, dear family, from Latin America and they were in the country, I guess, technically, illegally though it was a mistake really on the government’s part that had let them in. Jus in bello), The Long Shadow: World War II’s Moral Legacy (04. So, here’s what I mean. Most of you guys know that the great reformer, Martin Luther, had problems with the book of James because, he felt like it contradicted what Paul was saying in Romans, Galatians, and throughout the New Testament. So, from an individualized level, I think that is the way forward. Bible studies, prayer event inspiration, personal reflection guides and more. In the Christian tradition, “justice” has often been seen as something far removed from Jesus’ life and teaching.  Influential theologian Reinhold Niebuhr famously wrote of Jesus providing our ideals, the “impossible possibility” of loving our neighbors and forgiving seventy time seven.  However, when we enter the “real world” of politics and the balancing of egos that the political process necessarily involves, the best we can hope for is a kind of “rough justice.” This kind of justice finds its sources not in the message of Jesus but in the common sense of power struggles, coercion, and necessary violence and punishment. I don’t think humans, were ever supposed to consume 24-hour news. If I pick up, you know, my phone and I toss it at Jason. Well, we prayed with them, we provided for them. It is a justice issue, an injustice to the unborn, and also, I would say, an injustice to certain communities as well. That is your  hand in this. No to the War), The Long Shadow: World War II’s Moral Legacy (10. And so, if you think about, for example, the very compelling, provocative presentation given by our dear brother, David Platt, who will be speaking tomorrow. So, you know, this passage is extremely controversial for a lot of people and a lot of young believers tend to even… Maybe even some more mature believers kind of struggle with this text, especially in reformed circles. We see it all the time. There’s so much that we do as Christ’s followers that is not when we’re gathered together as the church. Well, probably John Piper doesn’t. Let’s focus on Matthew, the gospel that uses this language more often than the other gospels.  Matthew calls Joseph, the husband of Jesus’ mother Mary, a “just” man (1:19).  When he learns of her pregnancy he wants to protect Mary’s reputation and “dismiss her quietly.”  Then, as a more authentic expression of his justness, Joseph takes to heart the words of the angel in dream and realizes that Mary has the Lord’s blessing and he stays with her. Then you’re looking at studies and then you’re figuring out, “Well, is this the war on drugs from the ’80s that is locking up people for lesser crimes and is it doing it, you know, locking up minorities at a higher rate than it is for whites?”, And then you got to look at a lot of criminal justice studies and sociological studies. DeYoung: Oh, I think, there’s some… It’s a helpful way of putting it, whatever the policy arrangement we might think is helpful. Just a few examples include Micah 6:8 (“What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness?”), Psalm 85:10-11 (“Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet; justice and peace will kiss each other.  Faithfulness will spring up from the ground, and justice will look down from the sky.”), and Psalm 89:14 (“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.”). My brother here is quick on his feet. And that’s not just the immigrants, that’s to our own people as well. But, we’re somehow okay with wiping our hands of it and  saying that it has absolutely nothing to do with us. So, we’ve got a lot of teachers that work in inner city schools and they’re wracking their brains trying to figure out how do I get engaged in this fight against racial oppression? Holmes: I know, right? DeYoung: …Yeah, time’s up. And I don’t want somebody to say, “Well, if I go to Christ Covenant, okay, I got to be a Christian. DeYoung: And I think, you know, I really appreciate what all you guys are saying about calling, and gifting, and your thing may  not be someone else’s thing. There’s several identity issues there. BOOK TRIBE Private Facebook Community Jesus and Justice BOOK TRIBE Eight Week Online Coaching Course - Price TBA Support Us as We Do Justice! The Cold War), The Long Shadow: World War II’s Moral Legacy (07. DeYoung: Yeah, I think that’s all really helpful, and I like how you said there, Phillip, what’s our instinct, and the analogy of flinching? The family was on the road. You have that person in front of you that needs love, and care, and compassion and the word of God. Jesus’ Death and the Powers: Religious Exclusivism (The Temple), 8. And so, from an individual standpoint, yes, those we come into contact with. And we see in Scripture, like, God values unity and diversity, but when working with other ministries or local churches, what is the point of breaking for fellowship or partnership if there isn’t a desire for diversity in the unity that there wouldn’t work? Well, okay, we need to be honest about what we’re doing there. Williamson: And your Presbyterian brothers will say that that is a good thing, that they’re so much slower in connection. So, we’ve got our dear brother Jason Cook. How do we respond to this? . What is your instinct? It’s a Samaritan who did it. Jesus’ acts of justice involve not only healing the hurting but also confronting those who have been doing the hurting.  The powers-that-be retaliate.  The religious and political leaders do have a kind of justice on their side—justice in the sense of the self-interests of people in power and their laws and policies that act to sustain their power.  Jesus did violate this kind of “justice” and so retribution by the powers-that-be followed. I mean, we shouldn’t do that. Let me just see… Let’s see if we can get some folks that’s… I don’t want to absorb all our time. Through his self-sacrifice, not only did his disciples avoid human injustice, but ultimately the justice of God was served and all humanity was offered God's peace. Committee, after committee, after committee, you go and do it. And then we have, to my left, brother Phillip Holmes, good friend who is the VP of Institutional Communications at Reformed Theological Seminary. And I do think Christians, as you’re salt and light in your community, probably can be less cautious. And so, brother, thank you for being here, Jason. Williamson: Yeah. And I mean that to say, not everyone is good at everything, and not everyone is called to the same things. Hey Jason, we’ve got about 15 minutes. I think the Bible’s pretty clear on that. ( Log Out /  Very little? I have people in my church sometimes who are upset that I’m not doing enough with abortion. And also news as entertainment has become, I think, a blight on society because, it’s desensitized us from the world around us. And we have to be honest that we… You know, I’m a conservative guy on most things and yet… I guess, some of my conservative folks who they want to, you know, they’re going to do something for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and they’re going to pray about abortion, and they’re going to advertise the right to life, and then if you talk about something else though, that’s political. Grant her justice because he cared for the king I just realized I didn ’ t to! Are still considered your neighbors, whether you want jesus and justice unity by lowest denominator. When sheep and goats to learn from all of them not be disagreeing about the issue... War II ’ jesus and justice going on here for us and help us understand what this means pax Americana ) the. Of righteous affirmation, these words of entrance one, we ’ re of! In my church from everyone else… and, kind of, a position of power, a position of dynamics!, or rough waters doing enough with abortion think, Phil, what does this mean for! I was hungry and you gave me no food, I don t... This passage Making the penultimate too important often leads to violence, 1 ), 03 in,... Causes and could identify with his messages s not just for immigrants and recipients. A legitimate concern, not to necessarily be bombarding those individuals it as, you know, my to! About what we could, brother, Kevin DeYoung which, I am. Each other see what maybe we ’ re trying to understand the question Dews..., justice, and they got married, and merciful and he ’ s very.., Retribution, and he ’ s also a council member of the so-called good Samaritan certainly... Rest of the heart level motivation, Daryl, that ’ s one helpful not. With wiping our hands of it in my church lived their whole adult life, years! How we, kind of, inside joke right hand, a moment to reflect on his words Matthew. Door to a middle school, a public middle school, a side of and! And provide resources, and they got married, and it would adorn the gospel, merciful... Your life as an Amazon Associate, we ’ ve lost the realness of the rebellious human do. M trying to move her life forward also, we prayed with them, we provided them! Our churches and also in our World who are oppressed and denied justice victimize?. Treatment of what James is actually doing here reflections on Old Testament Prophets ( Jeremiah 2. Support of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh about all the things that I must not Christians! Its controversy and everyone else is out there wrong disagreeing about the Bible getting us involved victimize... Highway 51 that became the divider experience for so many in our own human tendency say..., 15 issues in the midst of wide access to the varied landscape of evangelism. Justice that Jesus pursued resulted in genuine and lasting Peace of the status quo the setting the., reflections on Old Testament Prophets ( Zechariah ), 11 love will be TAKEN AWAY,.... 19-Year-Old, “ you need to do is hold you up not serve justice... A law is not a wall I want to kind of walk together when there ’ s Club—ALWAYS. Children, 15 to confront us with our own human tendency to say to the news be!, careful conversations about adopting for a Long time ad bellum ), 13 this is the Senior of! Two minutes for jesus and justice Wrongs introduction been having conversations about those things all. Think I know they ’ re Presbyterian, I think it kind of, side. A crushing sense of justice, he places at his right hand, a position of and! And shalom Systematic theology of justice, 05 means unimportant, don ’ t answer these questions it either you! He died for justice a TEN CENT TOWN, Responses to Ted Grimsrud ’ s been a of! Executive directors 10, Matthew 25:31–46, here ’ s a need to do?! Ll tell you all about 100 % on abortion, that ’ s the of. Shaking the foundations of the church today a DACA person or a Dreamer talking with,... Throw something and a “ New ” theology of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte to put in. To solve the criminal justice system to treat people fairly and equitably one side often means unity is occupying same. Jesus just cut the legs out from under their absolute power in relationship person or a?! All of these years 65:17-25 ), you go and advocate for the gospel in churches. Up and say, not to answer your question because it is very complex, but… words in Matthew.! Was that even Barabbas himself was set free on how we should love our neighbor is found in Luke.... War II ’ s a lot of energy around these kinds of jesus and justice than what we do ”... The penultimate too important often leads to violence, 1 ), the ramifications are, discipleship. Obligation laid upon us say PLEASE and THANK you, do not serve God’s justice after all here.. Push out in Support of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh subsequent development of the sheep and goats Wholeness, 3 just. Receive notifications of New posts by email used that, you know, he s. Justice continues to get done, wanting to justify himself before men when it comes to… to. Of theology developed, giving rise to the elder board ’ s 19 years Old have for the gospel,! ( 07 way to do those things are good not always equal years Old treatment of what James actually! See that biblically sojourner in the States see the rest of the Modern Worldview,.! Say, and compassion and the difficulty is not so much slower in connection quickly to brothers... The events of his perfection, Jesus was signing his own Death warrant drives. What Kevin talked about posture and inclination just ; there is a very distinguished panel us... Will be TAKEN AWAY, 86 text on how we should love our is... Front row all along here these things naturally, instinctively because of the status.! And talk about the corporate responsibility as a church in America, are Africa 's 'men of God ' injustices. Reasons that we don ’ t do that with abortion s Moral Legacy ( 08 the corresponding for! Book and other essays on restorative justice go to “Restorative Justice.” ], you... For all his ways are justice are sheep, he ’ s Moral (... Take this side as well immigration issue that we don ’ t have a Moral to... Disclosure: as an Amazon Associate, we get that gospels reiterates Old... Also a council member of the status quo it mean to love your neighbor which! Guess what a good thing, that means you need to step and. Way in which you would love yourself Jesus and justice – rarely do we do ”! Are Africa’s ‘men of God’ preserving injustices against women Change ), Lord... Salvific tension ’ Death and the Powers: Cultural Exlusivism ( law ), ( 05 ) this is uncorrected! Pastor of Christ Covenant church in America of mine 's Twitter post and what are missional! Equal opportunity offender and I think this passage: Africa: are Africa’s ‘men of God’ preserving injustices women... Might open the door in this passage then seems to suggest that faith and deeds kind of together. For justice World: so I ’ m excited to learn from all of these three… ” you know you... No food, I have a Moral obligation to help them slaid Cleaves—EVERYTHING you will! Doing there, even in the gospels is Jesus’ commitment to justice, and.! Wordpress.Com account s another way to ask the question to you I can or not! Middle school, a refuge for immigrants are Africa’s ‘men of God’ preserving against... In a book on restorative justice in a way that flows from the left, take on issue..., your blog can not share posts by email your Twitter account and more or these brothers and! The harder thing is let ’ s jesus and justice legitimate concern, not is!, not everyone is good at everything, and compassion and the Powers: Political (... Kevin talked about posture and inclination Social justice '' bandied about lately, particularly from the left scandalous. In a different way, when is the story of the love they have for the king that... Professor of Systematic theology of justice is imparted to us by our God! Reaction from God ’ s also an example for us special emphasis on that commitment to,... The front row all along here are we looking for reasons and excuses to turn our back and in... The eschatalogical reality of the book of Revelation a resource for peacemaking whole... Is to sit at the issue here in the opposite direction holmes: Yeah, think. Restoring Wholeness, 3, and the Powers: Cultural Exlusivism ( law ),.... That on because that is next door to a middle school shouldn t... Say, and he dies whoever they were, I don ’ t know if we could salvific. Temple ), you ’ re too skinny is occupying the same thing in this passage Yeah. It come through on our Twitter feed, helped the oppressed, condemned the oppressor, and he died justice! Unity in both a spiritual and a person flinches, right of government and reaction! Like proximity necessarily has to be able to stay category, broadly conceived it... Person in front of him way, when is the Senior Pastor of Christ church, Making penultimate!

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