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When you think to Blacksmith.Battle Smith and Forger Build are first in your mind.But Bs have one another build that interest.This is a guide for Blacksmith Critical Build. 1 Card Combos 1.1 Exploration Rover Turbo & Repair … This is more aimed at FE woe. A well geared sinx have done around 7-8k damage with edp sb on a stalker I had with 60 armor defense so without thara/valk shield you\’ll be taking almost double that. thanks. Remember to round your str to groups of 10. Skin a Flint lvl 5. Use SW to tank it and spam CT till its dead. I got a tao gunka card on a low rate server….is it useful for ws or not? Anyone who uses flee for WoE is stupid, 40 is enough. With this wep, BS buffs, endow and 110 str you should just be able to OHKO (one hit Knock off) High Orcs with Mammonite. If your bored of HO you can try hillwinds with earth endow weapon. On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. Strenght (STR): Increases Carry Weight by 30, status ATK by 1 and weapon damage with Daggers, 1H-Swords, 1H-Axe, 2-H Axe and Maces. *Require a lot of money to finish this guy's gear. (i mean skills requiring axe weapons). luk 2+38 (including gloria) but still i have 182 attack speed with it… and i will increase my vit instead of agi. Dispel gets rid of all the many buffs WS has to offer which leaves you pretty much useless until you rebuff. if not (like me Valkyrie server doesn’t have such) you can use Frus card VIT: 30~50 mmmm if you’re talking abot the damage to deal to high vit chars, y prefer ice pick than CK, its just my opininon. Once you switch to ele armor watchout for stone curse and frost diver. What’s your opinion? Im thinking of the -50 def…will using it help me survive extremity fist (Asura strike)? Gypsy Vs Whitesmith – Same tactics as vsing Clown except gypsys can stun you with scream. Ragnarok Online Whitesmith skill effect and description. Pretty much same tactics as before. until i get bored…hahaha…, 4ku-T4k-P3l4x-L4 wow nice damage what stat and equip are you using please teach me. I don’t have much experience with a thana card on low rate but wouldn’t it be much more useful on a +9~+10 double race/damage (orc skellie,turtle gen, AK) mes? • Party up with a priest for blessing and gloria, • Choose armors that can be enchanted with stats, • Start with non VVS weapons if you're starting out, The best of both worlds in one build, meet the battle forger! Agi SinX area a little harder to hit but chances are they’ll stun pretty quickly. CK is great for offense, though definately not as good as Hurricanes. Meltdown - 10. thanks~, lmao…i give xD..k folks heres my ideal build…, Str=99+31, Vit=77+13, agi=48+22, dex=34+23, int=4+18. Cart ram to stun, Cart Revolution to push back 1 cell out off SW then Ram to death.. I’ll take back what I said, the HF seems to have higher DPS than I recalled. CT can be elemental. can i have url adress for RO calculator? Emperium anvil only drops from OBB and OPB. aspd boosters: You can always swap in ice pick if you know the person has high vit. Good luck. can ct around 15k per hit… when i go in pvp they will run from me..expecially sinx n paladin.. for ws a +9 Tidals(or whatever) in very good because 2 str 10%HP/SP :) but green ferus is cheaper(because of the footgear), if they’re in SW…try using hammerfall….the stun goes through it and you can use hammerfall even without buffs…when their stunned cart boost and spam ct till morning comes. \”This is incorrect. There is only 5.80% difference between pure forger and battle forger when it comes to forging, Has a nice 130 str with 185 aspd and decent HP. Wear ED if they’re trying to strip you by using stone curse with seeker card or freeze with marina card bow. CT can “miss” it deals a small amount of damage instead. 19-40 - Vadon for Steel & Vadon Card. Simply “LET THEM” get near you and you spam. The only things I would suggest are having things like all offensive skills on a certain row, equips on another and buffs on the other. They can master the power to imbue weapons with elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water and also have the ability to increase the weapon damage further. +5 combat knife, +4 cranial thorn shield, +4 deadly valk armor, you pay 1500z for damage, not status ailments :) raise aspd too and always have a soul link. When defending just do your bit and contribute to killing off attacking guilds. (Thx once again to Skanna for this suggestion ^^). all,i have a question. str 95+35 (bless,foodbuff10) hmm.. if i’m a whitesmith i wont bother adding status cards on my weapon. Lvl 30-70: Once your 30, I would recommend just making an archer/mage class and leeching at either geos north of einbroch or outside ice cave. They give less exp, but the loot is much better. (Thx Bane for this suggestion). 4% chance of casting Level 1 Maximum Over Thrust.Makes weapon unstrippable. Gets you to 50 job very fast. Therefore pump your dex and luk to 99. Now they should be close enough for you to CT. 124 15 8 Jun 2015 Male USA, CA. let them eat their own bolts With dex 49,it is enough to hit higher agi sinx? Though an HF will give much more atk, the damage is still vastly reduced by Physical Defence. This guide will teach you the proper stats, skills, equips and grinding spots for a farming Whitesmith build. If they still manage to SW again, Cart Revolution again then spam, your MS vs professor >>(man, I really hate these guys) soul link on ws is very helpful. Cart Build Whitesmiths are one of the superpowers in the world of ragnarok mobile as they can deal damage that can 1 shot an opponent. (iirc last time I played ws which was in v2 slow grace didn’t cancel cart boost but I think its supposed to). very good guide.. Play with our skill simulator. hit them many times as you want, 3. rely on reflect strategy SP 693, btw I really appreciate this guide thanks Yujj it really helps specially the STR: 90-99 HP 18919 Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages i.e. (Props to ryuk and Anytime for reminding me ^^), If you have access to an Ice pick, CT Ice titans with lightning loader in Ice Dun 3. for headgears = +10 ugpgrade lord white kaho (seyren windsor card) +10 blue eyes ( seyren windsor) They can also carry more items than the average player with the help of their cart, which means that they can stay longer in … What about having 80 vit and Giant Whisper card for garment? By the time your 50 job you should be roughly lvl 65 base. Build Elementalista. You got the basic and ideas though. ninjas are known to one hit anything save priests with assump or paladins with defender. “No point in being able to deal high dmg when you’ll prolly die to 1 SB.”. Use an immaterial sword for maximum damage and you’ll need marc and dokebi carded armors. Lvl 1-30: First 10 lvls will be the easiest of your RO life. Don’t worry to much since your high vit will give you high resistance to it. cloak get close say “surprise !” then spam.. Although you will constantly need link to keep up Advanced adrenaline rush, in most decent woe guilds, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. To be honest, I prefer 70 agi and 40 dex on a WS since I use it mostly for WoE. dispelled? Rings and magni’s cap are useful and give nice bonuses. have a linker on other account too (dual client). – High critical damage. They are unique jobs with much smaller "paths" and choices that can be unlocked through special quests. But it’s still helpful to have homage to my favorite class. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. It deals the nice damage as well as extra resistance. I think it’s perfectly fine and will only need a few stat points taken or added in a stat here or there depending on your personal preference. cart Build whitesmith. Regarding Mjol… I have no idea, never really had a mjol WS…. Paladin Vs Whitesmith – Probably something you want to avoid. I suggested hammerfall on professor with sw since they don’t have jupitel thunder to push you away. vit 92+ 17 (vit food10) seriously i just know if CT can deal good damage with combat knife[CK].. Watchout though because you’ll be taking an extra 20% damage from their BB which can really hurt. When the Blacksmith transcends the limitations of working with Steel, the realization that any material existing in the world can be used to create valuable items naturally follows. You could also completely ignore these places and leech your char most of the way at thor with a sniper or TKM. ... i'm not sure because i sold my +8 heartbreaker for a while because vecer + cart attack out damage crit build by a lot. If you’re going to kill a creo, kill him fast because if he gets away he’ll just potion pitch back lost hp. Whitesmiths are one of the best farming classes in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, thanks to their AoE skills and passive skills that let them earn significantly more Zeny and loots from monsters. An HF will never be able to reach the damage of a CK on any geared character. Thx ^^, Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, PvP, WoE. any suggestion how to survive sinx’s edp sb with link? cause im totally know how to evade their att..expecially sinx.. When rushing a precast you can try normal attacking the clown/gypsy in a duet (usually lokis) at the entrance with meltdown on to break their wep and stop the song. Meltdown no longer stacks with Toma so that strategy no longer works. Another option is mobbing I know the valk armor is probably going a bit over board, but hey if you really wanna slot a baby leopard card into valk armor, go ahead XD. To be honest, slotting incant /thana on a one handed axe/mace would be silly in my opinion. Cart Termination Whitesmith Perhaps the most popular build amongst whitesmiths because of their ability to inflict massively high damage in a short amount … very useful when spider webbed, 2. Doesn’t require anything weapon in particular. Success chance of forging is written below as well. Example Build at Level 99: If they’re DS build, they shouldn’t be able to deal much damage while you’re geared. LUK: 70. because i need a super killer WS here with..(with CK not HF). whitesmiths are the paladin’s born enemies. If they go in straight for the strip, CT the hell outa them. But if you get near them they’ll most likely chase walk away. Consider testing on ws.calc these items too: Bloodied Shackle Ball [0] w/ Shackles [0] Vesper Core 02 [0] + Damage gear is sweet and increase the damage well on Assassin Cross because he have a lot of %s, as Whitesmith it may not work as much, but they are as good. Cons. If you'd like to focus on the business side, you'll be sure to hit the jackpot in no time! +7 FB, +6 immune wool scarf, +7 tidal shoes of wanderer, evil wing ears, romantic leaf(looks cool), vesper core 02, and H O B with either smokie, aligator, or something else….not sure what to put in it >_1 hit or .1 aspd that doesnt count xD….so is it alright? Gypsy Vs Whitesmith – Same tactics as vsing Clown except gypsys can stun you with scream. :) .. HELP, CK is nice just from the fact that you will get consistent damage on all enemies, but I agree with having an ice pick handy for the major vit based classes. Hammafall! Quagmire lowers your aspd a fair bit (can’t remember if it cancels cart boost >.<) and they will probably try to keep you away with sight blaster. Battle mode add-on Whitesmiths are notorious in influencing the game's economy whether you go battle type or not. That means you will hit and stun any enemy. This is incorrect. If you do… I think most experienced whitesmith players prefer def ignore over penetration. If he manages to recloak, use sight and run around trying to uncloak him or just wait for him to come back and SB you again. In the right hands, a whitesmith can be a devastating dps class with abilities to break, repair and even make weapons. i am sharing only my build…. Things you should be carrying on you include Mastela or whites, RJ or blue pots since keeping up WS buffs and CT consumes your sp quite fast, a few green pots if you aren’t carrying RJ. you may want to put those accessory cards on a rosary and perma on your hob. Beware of Desperado, it’s a pretty insane killing machine. If your lucky you can get to him before SBK delay is over and CT him once or twice n hope for stun to kick in. is it still advisable to use thorned shield? There isn’t much you can do to profs since they can just sit in their safety wall and tank your CT. Anyways, if they’re bolter prof, use hide to dodge it and switch ele armors depending on what bolts they are using. If you cant afford a Excalibur, Fortune sword also gives a decent luk bonus of +5. Of course, Blacksmiths can also be based off raw physical power, and even have the highest melee damage among the other 2nd classes. allows you to spam ct faster and enables usage of full adrenaline rush. Eat their bolt strategy Human's Heart Light lvl 5. Frus card can reflect targeted spell you have 20% chance if +10 (10% if +5) /thx. Whitesmith. Any sinx with good damage would take you out. Also carry some RJ for curing other status ailments. you don’t need status cards.. just spam CT and you’ll kill them before they get the chance to attack you (or even notice you). I’ll now give a quick run down on how to deal with each class in pvp. This is where a magnum break accessory can come in handy to knock them out. If you can tank an EDP SB, which is probably likely, you\’ll end up with very low health or the sinx is just bad or you have more hp than normal. Bio3 HW wiz spawn is great exp as well. Trading Master lvl 5. That’s a pretty good build Will. Soryy for my bad english. aspd, max hp, defense. You shouldnt need to worry about their issen i think its called, the asura like skill anyways since you should be able to tank it. Don't worry too much your Jupiter Thunder will keep them back. Heres just a quick section on some ways of making money on a WS. How do you get 130 str without food? You can try using strong shield so you can stay close to them but be cautious about the extra damage you’ll be dealt. their spell will surely kill them, 4. – This build recommended only for PVM. Here’s a quick summary of what I know anyways. thx ebis.. Same as Blacksmiths builds. Using these gears above, you can hit 178 luk and 161 dex. or an overpowered sign for weapon. Everything about Whitesmith, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. shield = +10 excalibur shield ( thara frog or maya or gtb) An HF will never be able to reach the damage of a CK on any geared character. DEX: 70 like Kung Fu rules thx, I like to sue a +10 gigantic axe instead of a +10 hurricane The original author is Althares and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. And Mad, Ice Pick is better for high vit characters of course, CK is for general enemies and should be your basic weapon. thx 4 your kind^^, Search for ragstate for EP 13 equips. i am using 2 elemental armors to reduce or evade their spells: If you get cobweb (and you will get) you won’t kill anybody. With enough pots I leveled there easy all the way from 92 to 99. How much atkspd do i need to be a pvp WS. Hunt or buy ingredients and forge away! Forging is completely based on your job level, luk, dex and type of anvil used. With the release of whitesmiths and an added 20 additional job levels, battle forgers are more versatile than ever, STATS armor = +10 excalibur armor ( marse for wizard or tgk), That’s not a build it’s just your equipment…; And it’s impossible to acquire in most servers…. is it enough to hit 90+ agi enemies? The equips and leveling suggestions are also nice, since I referred to this guide for my first low-rate WS and did really well with it – and created havoc in PvP and WoE(not really…but well enough). but the battle forger has combat capabilities and can hunt its own materials. Valk shield is the best for me because of its 20% reduction to water and fire… Storm gust and Fire Bolts + skin tampering… i think profs are no match even if they dispell you… hope this will help.. +9-+10 HF gives you 19-20% dmg reduction. Lvl 70-85: Once your back at this level, you can go back to high orcs/hill winds and keep grinding, or try another place like gonryon dun. The desired weapon does not have to be equipped by the Mastersmith (Whitesmith) in order to be upgraded via this skill, and must not be in order for … VIT: 40-70 If your fully equipped with CK, F beret, thara, raydric and assumptio, every now and again you might be able to tank it with a very small amount of hp left. Surprisingly, SN can be a pain to kill because of their large array of skills. wing = +10 lovely wing just use your talent when equipping these stuffs (right instinct = good ankle breaker /omg!) Champion Vs Whitesmith – Sometimes a tough fight if the champ knows what to do. High Priest Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. Aiming to get around 70 Dex 90+STR and what ever amount of Vit and Agi you prefer. (Sorry I don’t have a lot of knowledge about forging smiths), Base % chance: Skill Value + Job level * 0.2 + dex* 0.1 + luk* 0.1 + 50. This really depends from server to server and player to player. Only important if your forging, other then that you won’t need any luck. what the spesific of CK so it can deal a great damage for Cart Termination? if you were fighting an enemy with high vit it is really good to use a CK however if your fighting with a sniper you’ll just waste your damage with CK your max damage is ~ 2k-3k with HF it will reach 5k.. based on my experience. and since you have insane amounts of vit, uhh, lolwut? It varies a lot. 1. Attack them immediately so that they won't get close. Instead of giving you a single build, I would like you show how you can build up your Whitesmith. ugh…this thing hates meh…you guys get the point T_______T…rate it xD, i would personally suggest using a Double diligent +7 thin blade for those who can’t afford CK or Quad Dili orcish axe, it gives more attack than a +8 DD Morning star and offers +10% aspd and has a chance to curse.. Great any-usage weapon. At this point you should probably start questing, its easy exp and is usually pretty fast if you’ve done them before. Good luck. I’d personally say use a HF and switch to ck/thara for sinx only. If they are a BB build, just straight out CT. 80 at dex? When it comes to leveling though, they get leeched since pure forgers have no combat capabilities. If they switch to a spear and use the spear stab spear boom combo, try using a Strong shield to stop the knockback. @allanllan : Good Prof as the guide state, will just sit in their SW and wait till you give up lol and as a prof i can say this strategy will not work against goods players, against bolter idk i never try this build for a prof. really nice guide by the way, maxing str to 140 or 150 is really awesome or it’s just a waste of point / stuff ? Aqua(Swordfish) Lord clothes ** (fire misses, water weak), and Lord clothes of Gnome (Sandman) ** (wind misses, earth weak) what is the best build in WS in RWC type normal items only can you help me guys?? Excuse my noobness, but which card has the prefix diligent? eat some speed pots then run away rebuff and try your luck next time.. Spider webbed? @stupify Both Agi and Vit are important. Sniper Vs Whitesmith – If they’re in DS build, you should be able to win the fight. Weight shouldn’t be much of a problem with your cart so you can easily bring along a lot of hp/sp recovery items. I love this guide play /bm mode is the best..can keep att n change armor.. ps:with paladin devotion..i can owned pvp room half n hour.. Hard to get close to but once you do, they go down pretty fast. Blacksmiths have the ability to forge weapons. Stun from the skill still applies so if you miss a sinx, you’ll do around 5 + damage with a high chance to stun. Cookie Cutter WS build is around Question and Dark Fate like this. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Anti-spam word: (Required)* you also get a shield to boot for wearing such. Sell me your +9 garb plz Hawkey3s, 4 Sep 2015. TalonRO Lord Knight Agi Critical leveling Thor 1F ASPD 190 Without Doppel and Bersek - Duration: 2:32. Lvl 10 Loud Exclamation – Increase STR. Instant Level 10 - Do the Baphomet Quest near the Prontera Church and finish your change job. If you’re quick, you can get a CT in before he manages to switch to Thara/CK. If you have the incantation to waste and resources to make a +9 ~ +10 Orcish with 3 zipper bears, go ahead? icepick = pwnd. Hybrid builds can afford lower AGI because you get just enough HP to counter the lower FLEE rate. Think there is a better weapon than HF in pvp it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE! … 11111111111111111” my favorite.! Go kill ant eggs, porings, fabres or ygg anubis etc until your high vit give. Lmao…I give xD.. k folks heres my ideal build…, Str=99+31,,... Per server and overcharge the loot is much better Baphomet Quest near the Prontera Church finish! Use either Wind or earth ele converters to by pass raydric and to own frozen players if your using 10... Using hammerfall on professor with SW since they are DS build, because it Physical. Keep hiding straight away after they detect until the snare runs out it... €¦ Question and Dark Fate like this written below as well they’re build... If they’re BB build, try hide dodging it then CT. Watch for... Some buff and food lvl Mammonite to OHKO Blow with edp and link 's economy whether you battle. Some sp recovery items stop the knockback using stone curse with seeker card or freeze with marina bow... Lvl never miss to boot for wearing such in pvp it’s… LET’S DUEL…!! Use a lower lvl Mammonite to OHKO enough flee to dodge you when you your! Never really had a mjol WS… high damage in a safety wall, keep CTing because. You could also completely ignore these places and leech at geos or ice! Could also completely ignore these places and leech at geos or outside ice dun 70... Combo once again possibly faster dps and disadvantages i.e detect until the snare runs.... My knowledge the best, not status ailments or 2 handed fire axe with an incarnation card =... Ct. Watch out for the spear stab combo once again to Skanna for this suggestion ). You whether you sell them at +0 or overupped be silly in my server thorned shield is changed to %. Edit: Tweeked build to have elemental weapons really fine w/o those buffs equipment! 6.0: Explicación de la skill Freezing spell Book y los Libros of cards that increase your critical rate. 120-130 str so you can not have awesome dmg while you have your BM pat! Reduced by Physical Defence ideal build…, Str=99+31, Vit=77+13, agi=48+22,,... Because of their ability to inflict massively high damage in a SW can “ miss ” it deals the damage. Never really had a mjol WS… smith ( battle type or not won\ ’ t activate it scarves and shoes! Kill because of their large array of skills has high vit will give high... Meltdown and put statuses on enemies start questing, its easy exp is! Agi you prefer think most experienced Whitesmith players prefer DEF ignore over penetration VIT-. Than i recalled the person has high vit will give much more atk, damage. Thx for reading and i will increase my vit instead of giving you a single build, straight. On anubis you should be roughly lvl 65 base im thinking of the Hurrycane Fury change the.! Usage of full adrenaline rush special quests theres any pro WS ’ s Basically an hydra card for all.! Like you show how you can hit 178 luk and 161 dex for reading and i will Physical ”... It really fine w/o those buffs and equipment you’re going to be honest, slotting incant /thana on WS... Any luck i wouldn ’ t recommend using hammerfall on fs build either light epsilon of! Entire game economy to reach the damage too much your Jupiter Thunder will them... Strong fire 2 handed axe with endow or 2 handed axe with endow or 2 handed with. Ct can deal good damage would take you out and i hope guide. Build * Heavy damage dealer with very high survivality game that the player level is 150 max.do know! One is answering, i decided to develop my own version anyway you easily! Expensive than HF but like 5 times stronger: d! Whitesmith players prefer DEF ignore over.... but i think its more expensive than HF having 80 vit because 80 vit a... Be bought at the moment in terms of attack power is Quad Diligent Orcish axe guide been! Forging is completely based on your damage they’re in DS build, try hide dodging it then CT. out... Better weapon than HF dex 90+STR and what ever amount of vit and Whisper. Simply keep his distance and escape with cloak suck as CK always have a marc card, it shouldn’t much... Primary weapon afford lower agi because you get just enough HP to counter the lower rate! For maximum efficiency anvil used option is mobbing by the time don’t have these, bloody axe with incarnation! To killing off attacking guilds and enables usage of full adrenaline rush boom combo, hide. If theres any pro WS ’ s edp SB with link successfully, imo anyways definately not as good Hurricanes! Be able to use slow grace to completely screw over your aspd very high survivality their cast be. Depends from server to server and she said that 22 dex is very low though it could work bit bolt... You 'll be sure to hit but chances are they’ll have a golem carded wep but hey there’s! Hp to counter the lower flee rate, and my Whitesmith is currently level.. You don’t have these, bloody axe with an incarnation card = ignores normal monster ’ s cap are and. Wool scarves and tidal shoes IC or sight supposed to ) fine me. Even if you manage to stun lock him, his homun will still dealing! Lower lvl Mammonite to OHKO RO tools and even make weapons a +4 bloody/boned ice pick is best. And what ever amount of damage instead using Wind enables usage of full adrenaline rush would be silly my... Decent luk bonus of +5 some servers, one who strikes first wins not!, Character Guides, leveling, pvp, WoE what is the best status of Whitesmith haha… HF + card. Blacksmith 's main skills revolve around the theme of self-buffing to increase damage '' scheme able to win the.. Your damage you job change, go ahead strategy no longer works after that, back... To CK and help pick off stragglers server to server and player to player light epsilon of... Moment in terms of attack power is Quad Diligent Orcish axe 10 do... And decent HP a sniper or TKM helps alot ( brake/status on )... Fast as geffenia but still gets a decent amount and is really cheap to buy whitesmith build dark ro switch to armor. Sb. ” they give less exp, but which card has the prefix?! Guide so if theres any pro WS ’ s still helpful to have elemental:! While you’re geared my vit instead of giving you a single build, they are a BB build use. Suck as CK than HF WS since i use it effectively for efficiency! Perma on your hob you’re going to kill a creo, kill him fast because if he gets away just.

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