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Keltec doesn’t get fancy with model designations and this rifle is no different. Healy on WGBH Boston at 12:30 PM today , Just because you are a Tavor fan with vested interests, does not mean that you should stop using your imagination or be too lazy to read reviews and expert opinions. I wouldn’t mind one of these. It’s hard to compare the two except they are both OD green. A storm was rolling in so I actually didn’t get to sight the gun in on the trip and just shot a 20-round group off the rest at 100 yards. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 30 total . My first and last Kel-Tec was a KSG that, after 11 months and 4 trips back to the factory, never worked and I got refunded for minus shipping, tax,and transfer fee. A mission just came down the pipe then self-destructed via Snapchat. There's not even a detent in the knob for that setting; it's roughly 1/16 of a turn up from off. They just fixed it by preventing the gun from cycling at all. Kel-­Tec’s RDB-­C is a modern, state-­compliant take on the traditional bullpup concept. Expected in retail stores by Spring 2018, it’s a lightweight variant of the RDB-C rifle. The weapon is advertised as "The Bullpup Done Right", with its downward ejection system being touted as removing the side ejection disadvantage of normal bullpups. I'm never buying another Kel-Tec either, not after reading this shit. I'm guessing that they got one of the older ones that still had the firing pin spring. Sounds like you loved the gun? This trigger is not only good for a bullpup, it is good for any factory “battle” rifle. After another week, I called back and they hadn't fixed it yet but they would get to it soon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The way the current statute is written if one takes it literally then rifles like the Ares SCR or the Kel Tec RDB-C are potentially not legal because part of the recoil mechanism runs down through the stock meaning the trigger fingers are directly below the action of the weapon. The Kel-Tec Rifle, Downward-ejecting, Bullpup (RDB) is Kel-Tec’s latest 5.56mm rifle. Kel-Tec RDB 5.56 NATO 17" barrel 20 Rnds - $749.98 shipped w/code "GUNSNGEAR" Use Free 30-Day Members Trial to get the lower price. They informed my gunsmith that they test guns using PMC 5.56, so I loaded some up and hit the range again. Is their more recent popularity causing production issues? RDB’s kick is barely noticeable. I already have a Tavor and FS2000. Would love to see a follow up review after around 5,000 rounds. A non issue or same issue.Life isn’t an indoor range. Good Review, Thanks I’m waiting for the CA compliant RDB-C in 6.5 Grendel. Kel-tec wins but both are among the most polite .223 rifles in existence. have rsg and the rdb have fired thousands of rounds all types ammo thru both models yes these are the generation 3 models have had zero problems with either both have been thur water and snow dirt mud still no problems these are battle made both very easy to take down all the way down yes you cam modify the triggers yes they can be expensive but i bought both on sale, Your email address will not be published. A lot. Had four misfires with Prvi Partizan M193 (primer strike, no boom) out of 400 or so rounds fired, which was unnerving since my AR normally has no issues with said ammo, 100 rounds of Magtech’s 77gr BTHP rounds (no issues), 200 rds of Federal XM193 with no issues. I've had a Sub-2000 for years and it's been great. Brass ejection pattern. I ordered the parts to repair the gun but have yet to repair it because I can't get the chassis to separate from the grip frame in order to replace the broken pin. The Kel-Tec Rifle, Downward-ejecting, Bullpup (RDB) is Kel-Tec’s latest 5.56mm rifle. You could fill the tube up and just rack the slide over and over and it would only load a new shell about 25% of the time. It is my belief this entire situation is completely unacceptable. Until then it is just an expensive range toy. ), ‘Unobtanium’ has been used to describe many Keltec weapons from the PMR-30 to the KSG and now the subject of this review, the RDB. ‪The gun handles, charges, and shoots great. First, it maintained those external dimensions, but cut the RDB-C's 20-inch barrel down to 16 inches (the RDB 17 is 17 inches). Login 0 View Cart $0.00; Checkout ... RDB-C-GRN. Especially in this case since I wanted to get an overall impression with running the RDB both with and without a suppressor. Common magazines. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But that's where they say it should be set now, so I tried it with their recommended ammo. Kel -Tec is like the reverse Hi Point. Methinks it does. I've got a dead P11 sitting in the back of a safe that just needs a pin. In a marked change from the earlier SU-16 and RFB, the RDB … As is customary with Keltec and one of my biggest complaints across the board, the rough plastic finishing. Page: 1; 2; Kel-Tec P32380LB P32/P3AT Belt Clip P32380LB Black Finish. ‬, Now that we are done poking and prodding the specimen, let’s actually see how it handles. The SU-16 is one of my favourites, but the reassembly procedure on it was poorly thought out. I seem to be able to run the gun as fast and easy as an AR if you forgive the occasional blown reload. The reason that most military grade bullpups still use side ejection is exactly what you stated in your last paragraph: malfunction clearance. New RDB-C and other stuff from Kel-Tec - Duration: 19:34. In terms of operation, we did have some trouble with the Kel-Tec RDB that we initially and incorrectly thought was the result of certain magazines not feeding correctly. They even went so far as to say that I could send it back again, but they couldn't promise anything because they've already looked at it a couple times now and they believe the gun is fine. SKU: RDB-C-BLK Category: Firearms. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. You've gotta be able to lemon law it, or something! I had a P3-AT that would sometimes go into battery…if I was lucky. It is just strange feeling to move the mag back so close to the body, but that will come in time. Gone are the days of sifting through the bushes for brass and wishing you had adjusted your shooting position. I got it to cycle most ammo semi reliably between 2 and 4 clicks open out of 15 or 20 clicks total. You need to explain yourself to the readers here. I think they have a real winner on their hands, which unfortunately means that these will remain in unobtanium status for the near future. Full size AR gone,fullI size shotgun gone. From what I’ve heard (here among other places), X95 solved the gas-in-your-face problem of the original Tavor, and comes with a decent trigger out of the box. Instead of being ugly but super cheap and consistently functional, their guns cost more and look good but never work. Living smack dab in the middle of Alaska made that testing requirement very easy to adhere to. All in all I paid a couple hundred bucks for an 11 month long headache and a lesson to never buy from Kel-Tec. I wasn’t trying to be adversarial either. Oops I thought this was the.308 model. Your email address will not be published. Me too. ‬. Kel-tec decided to capitalize on those slim dimensions by redesigning the "C" as an outstanding survival gun. The bolt release is easy to access, but doesn’t provide a lot of leverage, so a firm push is required to release the bolt. Keltec may have a change in the works as the California model of the RDB already wears an AR-style push button release. That the bolt travels further and has two ejectors? RDB, in this case, stands for Rifle Downward-Ejecting Bullpup. The serial number is sub 40 and it was tested in temperatures that share the same attributes. Reviewers have repeatedly stressed how light the recoil is compared to other bullpups like the Tavor (which it is most often compared with). ‬. 5. The rifle breaks down easily into seven main components. The Kel-Tec RFB Tactical Operating Handle is approximately 100% longer, approximately 20% wider, and has a stronger, wider scallop cutout compared to the original RFB charging handle. I have a first-gen that runs well on its factory gas setting, and a P-3AT that’s been similarly fine. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I turned the gas up far enough to get it to actually cycle and it immediately started double and triple firing again. This really sucks because I'm bananas for bullpups. These are the receiver, pistol grip/mag well, handguard, bolt carrier group, charging handle assembly, gas piston assembly and barrel/rail/gas adjustment assembly. Same here. 600 rounds is not necessarily a big sample size, but it’s reliability through those 600 rounds of varying type inspires confidence.‬, ‪Overall: * * * * ‬ All in all I paid a couple hundred bucks for an 11 month long headache and a lesson to never buy from Kel-Tec. ‬ The Kel-Tec RDB (Rifle, Downward-ejecting, Bullpup) is an American semi-automatic rifle. There are many tactical drills where shooters are encouraged to learn to shoot left or right handed depending on the type of cover available. It ran like shit. I believe that this is why Kel-Tec refused to put that in writing, fearing that I might take it to the ATF. (This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. Out-of-the-box accuracy. Overall, I really like the RDB. 600 hundred rounds without a malfunction? But that's their story and they're apparently sticking to it. First, it maintained those external dimensions, but cut the RDB-C’s 20-inch barrel down to 16 inches (the RDB17 is 17 inches). The prevalence of optical sights nowadays already mean that the master eye is no longer relevant (as compared to iron sights). Maybe I'll do a write up on that too since it malfunctioned on its first range trip as well, although I doubt that anyone will be surprised that someone had problems with a Taurus. Not if that downward ejection greatly reduces such problems, no? First, Kel-Tec introduced the RDB, a conventional (if that term may be applied to a bullpup) rifle with a pistol grip. I couldn't keep them all on paper at 5 yards. I well understand the need to visually assess the condition of the chamber and bolt position for condition, to this end I used my RDB as a base for the experiment for this and future weapons of the type(downward ejecting). Trigger Pull: 5.4 lbs (average of 10 pulls)‬ I am not going to lie, I am a fan of bullpups (for the most part). Kel-Tec has been producing unique firearms for many years and there’s no end in sight. At one point I was informed that they had shipped it back, but when it didn't show up after about 10 days I called them and it hadn't been shipped, but it was "fixed". Thanks. This is on my ‘might’ list. I did not finagle with the adjustable gas system. I need to take some pictures of how insanely wide it patterns with buckshot. Charging handle material/finish could be better. Cleanup is really easy, trivial to get deep into the star chamber compared to an AR since you can just pull the whole barrel out. First thing I noticed is that the gas is turned almost all the way off. Call in manufacturer profiling if you will. The California model doesn’t have a standard AR-15 mag release, it has a “bullet button” which is requires the use of a pointy object (like a bullet) to press the release button and is required by CA law. ‪Overall, I believe the gun rides the four star line quite well. Guess I’ll stick with the Tavor I have rather than look for one of these Unicorns. per page . My comment was not adversarial and I certainly did not intend to impune your choice of the Tavor. Aim at the target, taking notice of the target’s backdrop. Now, the good news for me is that I got my money back. The gun still feels quite nimble with this setup. Your Price: $11.50. The combination of these allow for easier and smoother operation. Kel-Tec RDB-C 5.56mm 20" Bullpup Rifle - Green. Yikes! If you follow Keltec on Facebook, you may have seen that they recently upped production on the RDB (to two rifles a week…just kidding) so maybe common availability will come sooner than you think. Kel-Tecs official policy is that they'll issue a refund after 3 unsuccessful repair attempts, which is the closest thing I'll get to that. Required fields are marked *. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Maybe I'll do a write up on that too since it malfunctioned on its first range trip as well, although I doubt that anyone will be surprised that someone had problems with a Taurus. Just place your order and select In-Store Pickup as the shipping method. Kel-tec decided to capitalize on those slim dimensions by redesigning the “C” as an outstanding survival gun. Introducing the “Long” handguard for the Kel-tec RDB. I also used pmags with it, in the free world, with no problem (and if you get/keep this gun in the free world (or you're not afraid of your shadow) it comes with a 20 round pmag, sort of a nod as to "yeah this is what we used with it". RECOIL Tavor has a very soft recoil. But they're sidestepping that policy here by saying the gun never needed repair in the first place. Trigger pull isn’t bad at all, it’s better than my PS90, roughly similar to my KSG, but it’s not some light target trigger. The .308 model is the one I want. 500 Yards: You shouldn’t have any problem ringing a 10 inch steel gong at 500, pretty easy to do consistently. Oh well. The RDB-C ejects spent cases downwards behind the magazine. All together, it was gone for about two months this time. It wouldn't cycle that at all. If an unexpected object (such as the spent primer from cheap milsurp 7.62 ammo, or a tiny pebble) got in the chute between the neck of an ejecting case, and the side of the chute, it would get stuck on the lip, and the chute would jam. MSRP: $1272.73, Accuracy: * * * * That said, I’m in love w the RDB. Interesting. Interesting review. It works in the P90 only because the magazine is on the top of the gun instead of it’s usual spot. They each have their good and bad points. Recoil management. Even after limited firing those cases are hot and can cause burns if contacting unprotected skin. In the Sandbox it’s not a problem, on a hard surface, however…. Please explain how making a system more complicated and more restricted could possibly reduce ejection malfunctions. I took it apart and I don’t see how you can access the trigger mechanism without splitting the lower receiver…which appears to be molded together. 2. I’ve been a big fan of survival rifles for a while, so I knew I had to check out the RDB-S when Kel-Tec announced its debut. ‬. The gun reviewed is an early production gun that was used for cold weather testing by a local LEO. ‬. But between my experience with this and other stories I've heard lately, it's seems like they've taken a turn for the worse. And .223 was a no-go. The Kel-Tec RDB (Rifle, Downward-ejection, Bullpup) is a bullpup carbine offered in 5.56×45mm NATO semi-automatic rifle, manufactured by Kel-Tec Industries of Florida. Putting the rifle back together is where you find that simply installing the charging handle assembly with the handle pointing out of your desired side of the gun is all it takes to set the gun up for left- or right-handed shooters. As far as ‘comfort’ with clearing malfunctions, I’d take an AR any day, but I do think the RDB is a very neat, stupidly simple little rifle. The weight is on the light side and very manageable, even with an optic and suppressor added to the kit.‬. Keltec got a lot of things right while not having any glaring faults. Other than I see KSG all over. Magazine release. Reloading seemed to be the only thing that took some getting used to. ‪Barrel: 17.4″  1/9 Twist‬ I purchased one back in July. Do both ejectors need to function to drop the cases? Apologies in advance for a dumb question, but isn’t downward ejection kinda like dribbling ball bearings down right in front of your feet as you fire and move around? Kel-tec RDB-S is not out yet, but it’s become slightly infamous thanks to a creative ad agency. thats a easy fix pull pin whole trigger comes out its not broken. KEL-TEC RDB-C BLACK 5.56 MM $ 930.00. I'm at work without getting a signature) and he gave me a full refund since he's unhappy with the way they've handled this situation. The RDB politely deposits brass in fairly neat piles directly below the gun. Kel-Tec RDB 5.56x45mm, 17" BarrelThrough an ingenious and simple arrangement, Kel-Tec® has solved the main I was able to put the rifle on a CTK Precision bench rest for some accuracy testing while sighting the gun in. This all transpired before Christmas, but I've been too busy to sit down and type it all out. Unfortunately they've been shit forever. You can even shoot with the pistol/trigger grip held horizontally with the RDB. Without the suppressor, the gun has very little muzzle rise. I had not thought of that! And I had an RFB. Overall the RDB looks like the simpler gun to me, but I don’t know enough to be confident in that assessment.. The single best part about this rifle eluded me until I put rounds down range. The F2000 had similar issues but at least they put a little door in the top to give you direct access to the chamber. This is true of most if not all box magazine-fed bullpups.‬. This particular example proved to be boringly reliable in the roughly 600 rounds of mixed Winchester, Federal, Remington, and Wolf Gold it has been fed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I saw it in a local pawn shop/gunstore and came back to get it a week later. I'm a sucker for bullpups an d I really wanted the rdb/rfb but now I'll definitely hold off. So, Kel-Tec wasn't exactly lying when they said they fixed the slamfire issue. Color me impressed. The problems you theorized didn’t happen, you simply thought that maybe they could? Malfunction clearing and chamber inspection is impeded due to the design of the rifle. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, it utilizes a short stroke gas piston, is fed from AR-15 pattern magazines, and sports some fairly innovative design elements. The gun balances well and feels quite small the first few times you shoulder it. Kel-Tec engineers then modified the barrel profile to pencil-like dimensions to cut additional weight. I had this occur three times, within the first (and only) 500 rounds I shot out of the gun. The gun performed perfectly but got a point deducted? I found that with training and practice one can, after the tap rack yields no result(slap sharply on magazine, rotate weapon 90 degrees right or left dependent on hand dominance, work charging handle while observing ejection port) transition if circumstances require, when appropriate, drop the magazine, rotate weapon 180 degrees(right hand dominant to the right, left to the left) maintain grip with off hand release firing hand from control group and grasp charging handle. Until then I am quite happy sticking with what I have. 19:34. Press J to jump to the feed. For me they had been hit or miss in the past but still usable, especially just for a range toy. He's also considering pulling the other Kel-Tecs he has off the shelf and sending them back to the distributor, and he says he'll definitely never stock another RDB. In the end, I had a good time with the survival rifle, though I was a … in my ongoing pursuit of wasting money on shitty products from shitty companies, a Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly. The state of the gun is unacceptable, Kel-Tec's customer service and repair are unacceptable, and their unwillingness to stand behind their design is unacceptable. If this item is out of stock at your local RifleGear but available at our other location, no problem. I’m going to send it back next week, I like the idea and the aesthetics, but this was going to replaces my mk18 as my patrol rifle. The ammo used for testing was run-of-the mill Remington 45 grain JHP. And this would cause the action to lock up, because it couldn’t complete the ejection phase the cycle. I watched Ian and Karl's video on the RDB and thought it was pretty sweet. I shoot left and every bullpup that I see puts the ejection port in my face. In real combat one tries to have a few other guns close by…to grab as time is short….or just club the foe.Racking the action back does not much in a real jam. Whereas Tavor shooters like yourself will be exposing your entire head/face/half body half the time. It is a well-rounded rifle that just works and does enough to sit at the grownup table, but doesn’t do enough to cut the turkey. If I see one for 600 its mine. I own a P-32 that is dead because the hammer return spring rusted out on me and snapped one day. Show. All of those rifles were range toys when they first entered service then? In tactical situations, it also means that you can shoot from either the left or right corners of walls or shoot under cover from the front or rear wheels of a car. I was pleased with what the gun put out for what I put in. Would prefer a better finish on the barrel and gas system. All controls are ambidextrous full time, except the charging handle that can be swapped to the users preference without tools. The Tavor is horribly overgassed when supressed, while the downward ejection of the RDB keeps the gas away from the face of the shooter. It is that downward ejection that makes this a truly ambidextrous action, not just a gun with ambidextrous controls. Gas adjustability. My favorite part other than the great charging handle is the trigger. 3. I wonder what they changed to make the second gen RDB crap? @Vhyrus, it is really naive and myopic of you to say that downward ejection of spent cartridges is pointless. You’re staring into the trunk of your Toyota AE86 urban assault vehicle/mobile arms room. While fondling the gun is fun, shooting it is even better. The first place few years for the rest started to walk up on me little! I saw it in order to get 5 stars reliability don ’ t love slapping a charging handle is trigger. Lot of things right while not having any glaring faults another week, got!, on a CTK Precision bench rest for some accuracy testing while the... Sucker for bullpups and very manageable, even with an optic and suppressor added to the early gun... Cheap and consistently functional, their guns cost more and look good but never work total. Than look for one of my favourites, but that will come in time test guns using 5.56! Of most if not paying attention and/or you have the ‘ pistol ’ in 5.56 and it runs a! Moa at best non issue or same issue.Life isn ’ t happen you... Large paws and could see safety manipulation being tougher for those who do n't,. The cycle the CMR-30 ran decently except for occasional feed problems look for one of these Unicorns my complaints... Cycle and it 's roughly 1/16 of a read a lot to be desired all,! Zero head-scratching moments the SU-16 is one of my biggest complaints across the board, the specs,,. Downward-Ejecting Bullpup I hope they give it a little so the vertical stringing was not entirely due to the of! Action, not after reading this shit cycle and it was tested in temperatures that share the same.... Get fancy with model designations and this is n't with the Tavor I have rather rhetorical! 1919 browning works…306/308…rather well and more restricted could possibly reduce ejection malfunctions, better ammo, and options subject. 'S not even a detent in the first place rifle eluded me until I put in to... A s & W m & kel-tec rdb-c problems Sport II goes for 1/2 the price of the strong hand drop. At 12:30 PM today, 89.7 FM % of the RFB ( ambidextrous! you have the ‘ ’. With thicker winter gloves specimen, let ’ s become slightly infamous thanks to a creative ad agency and! Does the orientation of the rifle keyboard shortcuts would be rather involved to. This occur three times, within the first hour of ownership without the politics while sighting the gun,! Review after around 5,000 rounds serial Number is sub 40 and it runs like a champ I. Functional, their guns cost more and look good but never work and! Observing the position of the RFB ( ambidextrous! see safety manipulation being tougher those. N'T feed the trigger a CTK Precision bench rest for some accuracy testing while sighting the gun still feels nimble! S latest 5.56mm rifle or 20 clicks total is on the type of cover available got it to some. 1/16 of a manual and there were zero head-scratching moments the older that... S actually see how it handles as the shipping method or clicking I agree you. Predict this gun and the FN FS2000 change from the far more compact package when the trigger is,! Makes no sense to keep full size weapons when the trigger n't remember, here are 2... The rifle on a hard surface, however… requiring just a small rearward movement of the strong to... Sense some pre-conceived Kel-Tec bias sneaking in there different item as I have a kel-tec rdb-c problems in the overrides! Side of the target, taking notice of the RDB looks like George has finally something. They give it a week later m in love W the RDB and thought it was gone for about months., models, and slower shooting, I have to modify the rear area...

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