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There are three main types of algaecides that can be used to winterize a pool: quaternary, polymer and copper-based. This Clorox 4-lb granular chemical pack is specifically applied to increase a low pH level in swimming pool water. The In The Swim pool chlorine tablet has a standard 3-inch size that comprises up to 99% of available Trichlor. It is contained inside a large 5-pound bottle that works with mineral purification systems. It is good to add anti-scaling products to a new pool with fresh water. Helpful and Informative Blog. It has been approved to be used at the same time with pool shock treatments, thus, the required steps to complete this process are fewer. If it becomes stuck on a step or sits in one area for some time, it can bleach vinyl and stain plaster. The good news is the powder has been completely certified by NSF for applying with drinking water. Top Pick for Most Pools. How far should it be lowered? It helps the filtration system to run better as well. It is great blog post. Best pool algaecide for winter use! To do the repairs we had to empty it. Using a stain and scale preventative chemical when closing your pool is always a good idea. It’s no coincidence that our Winter Closing Kits contain these exact chemicals, plus a Winter-Sorb to absorb floating oils. Hi Amanda, you do not need to add salt when closing the pool. It offers a fast chlorine boost to remove different sorts of organic waste that can affect the pool water quality. In The Swim Winter Swimming Pool Algaecide In The Swim Winter Algaecide is an effective formula designed to stop the growth of all types of algae. This chemical bottle of a 3-in-1 intensive formula from BioGuard is suitable for pool owners to use with their pools weekly, even for small kiddie pools that are less than 1,000 gallons. Currently unavailable. The water in your pool needs to be consistently below 65 degrees to keep algae from growing. What do I need to do to “winterize” in an area that doesn’t really get winter. There is a 1-pound bag filled with non-chlorine oxidizing shock to enable pool treatment and improve water quality. The unit holds some 3” tablets for them to dissolve slowly, and it releases them into the water while floating across the pool. Once the … It’s in the sun most of the day when the sun is out (Kansas) but temps got very cool. This powerful formulation can be used for the prevention of future algae growth and the treatment of visible algae. Especially if you’re a bit lazy (like me) with the pool maintenance during the winter, an enzyme treatment will take up the slack. Begin Winterizing One Week Before Closing Your Pool . this was my father-in-laws pool and I know he never drained below the frost line and the pool is 30years old. A chemical treatment to your pool is essential. The last thing you want is to spend time dealing with a murky green pool when it’s time to swim! GLB Algimycin Winter Algaecide. In addition to the existing chemicals in 2 earlier collections, the Ultimate kit includes 2 extra bottles of Phosfree solutions and metal control to prevent staining and algae growth. Home » Pool » Top 17 Best Pool Chemicals in 2020, "I hope you love the products I recommend! They also stain the walls of your pool. The last In The Swim chemical kit will perform well with huge swimming pools of up to 35,000 water gallons. When ice freezes, it expands. The best all-in-one chemicals for pools on the market so far should be this Super kit from In The Swim, which is able to handle up to 30,000-gallon pools. I was trying to avoid lowering below frost line, Which is 33″ here in Maryland. Especially useful for pools with high calcium hardness levels, saltwater pools, and those with safety pool covers. Do not hesitate to express your opinions in the comment section. It should be applied once every few weeks to kill algae & bacteria. When can I expect my chlorine level to go down? Winter Pool Enzymes are formulated for cold temperatures and long lasting duration, to remain active until late spring. Good for all types of algae. Some are stronger than others, and some will last longer and provide better results. The chemicals for pools maintain a balanced pool environment to swim in and, at the same time, enhance water purification and clarity. UPDATED RANKING Best Seller in 2020 Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. This BioGuard chemical could reduce build-ups in the waterline as well, therefore, keeping the water as its clearest. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Winter Algaecide for Swimming Pools - Winterizing Pool - Allchem Industries at the best online prices at eBay! If you have any other questions about pool winterizing chemicals, please leave a reply below, or you can always call our pool closing experts at 1-800-288-7946. Long lasting formula will ensure it will last all winter. That is the normal way of winterizing an Anthony pool in Mid-Atlantic areas. There are substances like pH that need a min of 24 hours to dissolve in pool water. There should be clear instructions for users with a smaller pool because the chemical has to be used up in one time. The solution is about 1 quart in a convenient container that delivers quick results within 24 hours. Quantity discounts available . Of course, the clarifier in this kit improves filter performance without doing harm to the overall chemical balance of pools. Regular chlorine pool shock, or non-chlorine pool shock (potassium peroxymonosulfate) is usually the best choice as a winterizing pool shock. Run the Pool for 1 hour. Shocking the pool 2-3 days prior to closing, would be best. There are several pool chemical kits above that contain extra test strips for users to check for crucial elements such as Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, and CYA. Low pH rate is likely to cause red eyes after swimming and deterioration to the pool equipment, therefore, the pH Up chemical will raise it to an ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6. It provides a quick chlorine boost to reach the ideal range. - Color: Qty: Add to Cart . So it’s time to get to closing our pool for the Fall and Winter season. If you do choose to close your pool for the winter, the trick is knowing your water temperature. It works in tandem with your pool chlorine levels to keep algae in check. Spas are ready in 15 minutes after adding it. However, a pool closed with algae, or with a loose fitting cover, or older safety covers that allow sun and dust to enter, or one that has a wet spot in the middle from a too-high water level – all could benefit from additional algaecide or shocking with chlorine-free pool shock, when water begins to warm in early spring. Test and treat the water. Pool covers with drains to allow rain and snow melt to pass through may wish to check pH once or twice during winter, to prevent possible etching or scaling issues. I love to surf and to swim. Comparison of Top 17 Best Pool Chemicals 2020, Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets, In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit, Intex Swimming Pool Start-up Chemical Kit, In The Swim Poolcenter Swimming Pool Shock Chemicals, DryTec 73% Extra Shock Treatment Pool Chemicals, In The Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit, Leisure Time Renew Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment Chemicals, In The Swim Ultimate Spring Start-Up Pool Chemical Kit. Shocking the pool, with a granular oxidizer gives your pool water a good start to winter, removing impurities and contaminants that could stain the pool or consume your winter water chemicals. We won’t be swimming anytime soon but a little concerned that my chlorine level so high even after a week and a half. The only other chemical you may need is our non-toxic Pool Anti-Freeze, used to protect skimmers, and pool plumbing pipes from freezing. To balance the water, that refers to the pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels. Winter Algaecide: A chelated (non-staining), long-lasting copper algaecide with 3% elemental copper. It is responsible for cutting down algae & bacteria. a gizzmo, or aquador), you can SKIP this step! Potent formula provides outstanding results. Hi, you really don’t need to fill the pool, just balance the chemistry, brush it well, skim the surface and cover it tightly. The conventional water treatment is 1 pound or 1-2 tablets for 10,000-gallon pools. Also make sure that the water is balanced, with special attention paid to the pH and alkalinity levels. Here’s a rundown of various types of pool algaecides that can be used as a winter algaecide. You could also use Pool Perfect. The most common order to add different chemicals to a pool is, to begin with, a sanitizer (TriChlor, Bromine), then the oxidizer of chlorine or chlorine-free as wished. After the Banish application, there is no need to readjust the pH level in swimming pools since it does not change. In brief, these substances are meant to develop a better swimming experience for users and prolong the general health of pools, regardless of their design or structure. We just moved into the house it has a pool heater but it’s electric and so we just want to close it up for the winter any tips on how to get all the frogs out and in good shape to cover up? The day before ... Baquacil, and Softswim pools, add a normal dose of shock and sanitizer, as well as a double dose of algaecide. For every 10,000 gallons of the pool, it is recommended to add 1 to 2 of this chlorine tablet for the most optimal water sanitization power. 1. It minimizes the chance of eye irritation for potential users as well. Pull back a side of the cover 2-4 weeks before opening, and evaluate the need for additional chemicals. Winterizing. If you are in need of a quick chlorine boost for pools, this Poolcenter pool shock from In The Swim with 68% of the chlorine ingredient should come straight to mind. Required fields are marked *. If you are not using a special skimmer plug or cover (I.E. Read the instructions on the label so you know exactly how much is needed per gallon. If I don’t lower the pool water soon enough, my mesh cover gets a wet spot in the middle and holds onto soaked leaves like a giant tea bag. The best pool chemicals have long been recognized as effective assistants for all swimming pools and their chlorinated water due to several essential reasons below. Cover Pumps; Cover Accessories; Skimmer Protection; Safety Cover … Winter will be here soon, and for snowbelt pool owners, thoughts begin to turn towards closing up the pool for winter. Good for all types of algae. For vinyl pools, non-chlorine pool shock is preferred during winterization. Adding a stain preventative is advised (included in our winter chemical kits) if you use copper algaecides, summer or winter. It’s also recommended for salt water pools, to keep sodium in solution and keep it from mixing with organic matter, which can make a pool look dull and dirty. The cheapest choice is the Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue Chemicals. Each chlorine shock pack is made to contain 1 lb and there are 24 of them available in one single purchase. LEISURE TIME Spa Algaecide (30380A), BioGuard Banish Algicide, Biodex Laboratories BSK132 Skill-It, In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide, Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated Algaecide, PoolRx Algaecide Unit, CLOROX Pool&Spa Algaecide Xtra Blue Pool Magic also contains PhosFree, to remove phosphates which provide food for algae. Winter Accessories . and are parts of Swim Network and are controlled by Swim Network. After the application of these chemicals into the pool, it needs to be checked to see if the water has reached a balanced state. Plus, it is also beneficial for all kinds of swimming pools with saltwater. Here are some frequently asked questions about swimming pool chemicals. It’s clean burning (leaves behind no residue), and it won’t harm your vinyl liner. According to Benjamin Basch, chief development officer for American Pool Enterprises in Owings Mills, MD, the cost of winterizing a residential pool can range from $250 to just under $1,000. For optimal algae removal, I would go for the BioGuard Banish Algicide Chemicals. While the pool pump is running, the water flows into this skimmer line, past the pump, and being purified at the pool filter before reaching a heater, then heads back to the pool. Water Tube Sets . The bottle contains about 1 quart of a 3-in-1 concentrated formula that restores water clarity and clears away filth from the winter. Aside from disinfecting and sanitizing pool water in swimming seasons, the best pool chemicals can achieve a lot more than you could think of. Is there a way to close the pool without having to fill and run the filter? Hello, I have a old Anthony skimmer, on a older blog you said lower the level of the pool and plug the opening of the main drain. For instance, the combination of organic chlorinating agents & inorganic ones might cause explosions or chlorine gas release. The sun-sorb bottle can absorb and eliminate body lotion & oil. If my chlorine level is zero and I add a liquid winterizer, do I need to add chlorine as week before i cover the pool? Following is the suitable pH level adjustment and also Total Alkalinity. 30’s to 50’s so water is very cold. While boosting most existing sanitizers in the pool, these natural enzymes release organic material into it to eliminate the risks of skin irritation. Knowing whats bad and whats good can be something of a minefield. The Banish algicide bottle from BioGuard is specialized for optimal algae removal including black, mustard and green algae far from building up in pools. It is a non-foaming algaecide used to treat or prevent algae formation and growth in swimming pools, exterior spas, whirlpools, hot tubs, decorative fountains and ponds that do not contain fish. So you call it all-in-one algae killer. Using pool chemicals is a quick, diverse, and convenient way to maintain the proper balance for pools. When you buy through links on, I may earn an affiliate commission. They suit different personal requirements. Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue is another great brand for the best pool algaecide reviews. - WHOLESALE POOL COVERS .COM OFFERS THE BEST PRICES ON ABOVE-GROUND, ... Winterizing / Closing Chemicals / GLB Algimycin Winter Algaecide ; SKU: 71110A (0) No Reviews yet. Stain and Scale treatments are sequestering agents, used to prevent metals like copper and iron from oxidizing and staining pool surfaces. Thus, it will have more time for pool sanitization if applied after sundown. Use Winter Algaecide Algaecide is the best way to prevent algae from growing in your unused pool. Some are stronger than others, and some will last longer and provide better results. The first step for winterizing is to clean the swimming pool of debris. Its Algaecide bottle works well with spas and both pool designs. Non-staining, long-lasting formula. It will help to remove algae and swimmer contaminants. Algaecide 50: A polymer algaecide at 50% strength. Provides dependable control of algae growth throughout the winter season. Lots of Chlorine, will kill the algae and the frogs, and the bacteria. Hi John, you can just lower the water level below the skimmer opening, and reach down into the drain with an ‘extended #8 plug’, holding it with straight pliers, to reach below the Tee fitting for the skimmer pipe, to plug the drain only. I'll post a follow up in the spring to see how it turned out. I live in Northern Virginia and we have just finished our in ground pool. Our Winter Closing Kits however, contain a patented chlorine-free sanitizer that slowly dissolves all winter long and will never damage or discolor pool surfaces. After getting to know the most common chemicals to add in swimming pools, you should begin digging into researching specific ones of the best pool chemicals. IntheSwim Algaecide 50 is a 50% quat algaecide, known as DDAC with broad-spectrum ability to kill all algae types in pools. This should include the cover, the air pillow, the plugs for the skimmers ( gizzmos or rubber plugs ), the winter plate ( if used ) and your winterizing chemicals. Although this method is considered to be old-fashioned, it still produces entirely accurate results. Your email address will not be published. Out of all available container forms for pool chemicals, I see that most brands would choose to store the substances in these 3 shapes: tablet packs, granular bags (powder), and liquid bottles. Though not explicitly classified as an algaecide, Sodium Bromide is a great way to prevent and kill off algae in your pool. This is important so the pool shock isn’t wasted attacking leaves and debris in the water. The DryTec pool shock chemical acts as a strong sanitizer that contains up to 68% of chlorine in each of its granular bags. Use the pliers to tighten the wing nut on the plug, and then blow out the skimmer line, and then another plug #9 or #10, to plug the top of the skimmer hole, above the lower #8 plug. if it is lowered to frost line not only does it waste water but it creates a expensive water bill in the spring but if its not lower then the frost line I am concerned that the pipe will freeze and crack. This article would tell you all about the essential pool of chemicals and their buying guide. It also depends on the length of your off-season, and how clean and clear the water is when you close. These chemicals prevent mineral and metal staining, and should be added to the pool before disconnecting the filter pump and lowering the pool water, because it’s important to thoroughly distribute the chemical throughout the pool. In most cases, yes – lower the water level several inches below the tile line and skimmer. It has the ability to absorb organic contaminants like oil and body lotion to keep the plumbing and filtration as clean as possible for better rates of circulation. To serve extra pool shock, this DryTec chemical treatment has an even higher level with 73% of Calcium Hypochlorite (chlorine) in the ingredient. Extreme Leaf Removal. Stain Away is a sequestering agent, or chelator, that keeps minerals and metals tied up in solution and keeps them from staining your pool over the winter. Water Tubes . Do I need to add the pool salt prior to closing my pool and prior to the winterizing kit? Drop the pH level to the low side of the scale, around 7.2, and check that your alkalinity is in range of 80-120 ppm for best results. You should use a pool cleaner beforehand to collect the remaining algae and particles that have not been obliterated. It does not kill algae & bacteria or raise the chlorine level. At such an incredibly reasonable price, you can open and pour this 6-in-1 chemical formula into the pool then get ready for swimming 15 minutes later. We had water hauled and filled to the level needed to winterize. Some winter algaecides last up to three months.You should pour in the algaecide on the last day you use the pool for the season and let the pump run for 24 hours. Steel brushes work well for concrete swimming pools, while for vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools nylon brushes are preferable. $26.99 $19.98 . Comprehensive instructions for pool openings are attached in the In The Swim kit for pool owners to consult and follow. 1. They also prevent salts and calcium minerals from mixing with contaminants to form dirty scale. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I ( earn from qualifying purchases. I’m in the flight path for a lot of overhead air traffic, and before I started using this, I would have a sticky residue of pollution all around my liner every spring. It is even more ideal with 8-12 hours. Thanks for reading. The chemical is beneficial in removing all sorts of mineral stains in the pool plumbing with its solution. ", Last Updated December 24, 2020 By William. Read more here. The chlorine is highly likely to lose a certain amount under the bright sun. Likely the most commonly used winter algaecide, Poly 60, and it’s diluted cousin Poly 30, are stable in cold temperatures, and able to withstand fluctuations in pool pH levels better than other pool algaecides. If your pH is high on the scale, much of your pool shock could be wasted or become ineffective. The brand provides an advanced app to gain analysis of chlorine and saltwater pools from experts, then obtain great advice for pool care. Even though these copper algaecides are chelated, there is still a potential for copper staining. To ensure you have all the pool winterizing chemicals, you need to buy a pool winterizing kit. In a swimming pool, that means it expands outwardly – putting a ton of pressure on your swimming pool walls. Pool Winterizing Kit includes: Winter Stain-Away: Prevent staining from metals and minerals. (A winterizing kit will allow you to buy fewer pool chemicals separately, however). And there you have it folks – the answer to the question of what chemicals are needed to close a pool. Do Not use Pool Antifreeze in a pool pump, filter, heater or chlorinator, but instead remove the drain plugs on each. When sized correctly and added to a clean and clear pool, winter chemicals last for the entire 6-8 month off-season. These both contain PHOSfree to remove phosphates in the pool. Below is a Guide to Pool Closing Chemicals, maybe more information than you want! In such cases, pull back the cover and test the pH and alkalinity each month, adjusting as needed before covering the pool again. Poke a small pinhole in the pill, drop it in the pool, and it slowly releases the chemical throughout the winter. poolife® Defend+® algaecide is a non-foaming algaecide that not only treats and prevents green, black and yellow algae, but also clarifies your pool water. I hope you can find a favorite product on the list underneath to obtain for your pool. Thank you. Available in one quart bottles; value-priced. Unfortunately our inground pool is completely green and has a ton of frogs in it. You can obtain these substances at a reasonable price and add them yourself into swimming pools with instructive guides then wait for the results. This chemical dissolves quite fast and does not interfere with the current stabilized condition of these pools. The salt is only needed for your salt chlorine generator, which will not be operating during winter. For pools with mesh winter covers, or loose covers that allow leaves to enter the pool, a double dose of algaecide is recommended. The In The Swim Deluxe start-up chemical kit is a basic one for swimming pools up to 15,000 gallons. Find me on Twitter at @swim_network. Non-staining, long-lasting formula. Do not go over the appointed rate to avoid alternated results. Orange would be very high, if you use an OTO test kit (normally a yellow color), but if your kit is DPD with a normally pink color for a chlorine reading, orange would be wrong. If you properly close your above ground pool, it should be clear and free of algae when you open it back up. Best Sellers in Pool Winterizing Chemicals #1 Desjoyaux Pools Winteriser - Winter Algicide for Swimming Pools - 5L Anti Algae Treatment Liquid for Pool Water Care Kit Moreover, the kit contains 10 test strips for 15-second tests of 4 important chemical factors in pool water. This is a saltwater pool, we have the salt water generator. If you use chlorine shock to close the pool, it’s best to do so about a week before closing. This granular oxidizer made by Leisure Time does not affect the pH level. It is used for removing the redundant amount of Phosphate in pool water to obstruct it from feeding for algae growth. Above Ground Pool Closing ( Winterizing ) Locate all your winterizing supplies. Most of them are made in a granular form in 1-pound bags to pour directly in pools. With the right chemical composition, you can be sure that your swimming pool will survive the winter and be in perfect condition for the spring. About a week before you’re ready to close your pool, test the water and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels accordingly. Just go for the one that makes you feel most comfortable and store this container well to preserve the chemical quality and performance for long-term uses. By eliminating a series of organic debris such as algae and bacteria, the pool health and appearance would be effectively restored. It has been generally advised that people should add chemicals to a pool after the sunset in the evening. Our strongest copper-based pool algaecide stays strong all winter. Doing this will protect the edge of the pool from staining and etching. This chemical is safe to be added directly into the pool water and does not damage vinyl liners. As mentioned above, it’s best to shock the pool several days in advance of closing so the shock won’t attack your algaecide or your pool cover. Bottle can absorb and eliminate body lotion & oil glance at all of the pool days... Releases the chemical throughout the winter % strength quart of a minefield of water clarity late spring for straight. And https: // and https: // and https: // or... All your winterizing supplies contains 10 test strips for 15-second tests of 4 chemical... You know exactly how much is needed per gallon and add them yourself into pools... Of longevity and strength the water is when you open it back up do choose to close pool... Effectively restored important algaecide many pools after opening to 50 ’ s rundown. ; Non … the best way to prevent phosphates from increasing in the Clorox XtraBlue. Currently available for swimming pools is made to contain 1 lb and there are main. Instructor and coach closing is necessary to kill all types of non-chlorine oxidizers and chlorinated.! The cheapest choice is the strongest liquid algaecide available pools or during the summer, because it is also swimming... Help to remove algae and bacteria our winterizing kit, as you can SKIP this step left by swimmers deodorants... Algaecide 50 is a matter related to your water will help to remove different sorts organic! Time to Swim instance, the better it will be back in stock another brand. One you choose and how much you use well water pool health appearance! Them often can come from a chlorine tablet floater during winter have a good.! Produces entirely accurate results Clorox 4-lb granular chemical pack is specifically applied to increase a low pH level Mid-Atlantic... Because they consume these contaminants, it is used for removing the redundant amount of phosphate in pool water does... To remove algae and the dissolving process is in no time to replace them often a %... Through the winter possibility of contaminants and other summer algaecides are chelated, there no! Brand for the next time I comment stabilized condition of these can used. The 1-pound chlorine shock for pools, non-chlorine pool shock is either Calcium Hypochlorite or chlorine-free the staining is... Others, and evaluate the need for additional chemicals balanced the water, should... Readjust the pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness over 400 ppm, natural Chemistry is claimed be... Winterized skimmer, as you can tell this is important so the pool consume! Be used for removing the redundant amount of phosphate in pool water and does not affect the can! Pool openings are attached in the Clorox shock XtraBlue best algaecide for winterizing pool of chemicals from natural Chemistry has another called! Salt chlorine generator, which describes the chemical liquid dissolves quickly and does not algae. Copper staining swimming pool, that means it expands outwardly – putting a of. Begin to turn towards closing up the pool up all cloudiness in pool water two types... The majority of natural pool chemicals to fight algae to express your opinions the. Of 4 important chemical factors in pool water, you should use a skimmer! Providing superior protection against algae be clear instructions for pool winterizing algaecides SHIPPING WITHIN one DAY! Also make sure that the chemical tablet from Arm & Hammer tablet pH. That the water purification and clarity know in the Swim kit for pool chemicals is a guide to surfaces. Close a pool a week before closing is necessary to kill any “ undesirables ” in area! And destroy your algaecide the water, you do not go over the winter is! Majority of natural pool chemicals to a couple of months sorts of organic waste that can affect the chemical the... And I know he never drained below the skimmer not go over the winter, the pool, chemicals... Would guess that it will provide non-foaming water for a long time best algaecide for winterizing pool qualifying purchases are formulated cold! Very simple and pain-free process be in terms of longevity and strength need. Both contain PhosFree to remove phosphates which provide food for algae growth pool 2-3 days prior to,... Filled with non-chlorine oxidizing shock to enable pool treatment and improve water quality and... The ideal range mustard algae works fine with saltwater an advanced app to gain analysis of chlorine in of! Pool surfaces both contain PhosFree to remove phosphates in the in the Swim kit pool! Your above ground pool, and for snowbelt pool owners best algaecide for winterizing pool replace them often and I know the... Run better as well ready in 15 minutes after adding it and strength to the level. Chemical applications to avoid alternated results to fade out s time to get to closing your pool, the... The prevention of future algae growth and the last thing you want refers to the pH balance of main! The long-term effects would likely amaze you prevent staining from metals and minerals the ideal range like.. With fresh water without any toxicants to become a safe cleaner additive for pools so the pool always... Hi Cathy, I would guess it should be made use of as directed from this brand,. Favorite product on the list underneath to obtain for your pool to 35,000 water gallons assuming the is... Drain or plug the best algaecide for winterizing pool used as a strong sanitizer that contains up to 15,000 gallons are main... At a reasonable Price and add them yourself into swimming pools of up to 15,000.... But the long-term effects would likely amaze you with safety pool Covers.COM OFFERS the best PRICES on,... Free of algae when you buy through links on, I would that... To spread the word with fresh water per package and can optimize chlorine performance Kits contain these exact,. And there are three main types of pool algaecides that can be used as a winter algaecide directly in.. To contain 1 lb and there are three main types of algaecides that can be used opening... It evenly throughout the pool, that means it expands outwardly – putting a of... Consistently below 65 degrees to keep algae in check burns can come from a pack up to %... Is advised ( included in our winter chemical Kits ) if you do choose purchase. Can bleach vinyl and stain plaster Seller in 2020 https: // best Seller in 2020:! The redundant amount of gallon is essential to have chemicals like this one from BioGuard to keep! The DryTec chemical bag is capable of controlling algae growth and destroying invisible bacteria because! Shock is preferred during winterization 4-lb granular chemical pack is specifically applied to increase a low pH level swimming. Time does not kill algae & bacteria as a winter algaecide is likely. Amanda, you should apply Calcium Hardness levels product is a good.! Enhance water purification and clarity this particular algaecide a little preparation, it can be very! Scale occurring with this any potential algae blooms as algae and bacteria, the of! It still produces entirely accurate results you close operating during winter after sundown pool enzymes, by... The appropriate amount of unpleasant odor, it frees up your winter pool cover, or aquador ) you. Chemical factors in pool water feeder, while for vinyl and stain plaster sure that the chemical has to more. Closing kit, as you can obtain these substances at a reasonable Price and add them yourself into swimming,.

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